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Do you want Freedom from Expensive Marketing?


Get your free audio copy of my marketing secrets as I reveal them to Dave Trevena in an hour long interview. What I explain to Dave could turn your business on its head and make you a serious amount of money.


If you have worked with me before, or received my newsletters you will know that I believe that most traditional marketing channels are very expensive and many of them just don't work.  However marketing needn't be expensive and I have developed a low cost marketing methodology that is very effective. 

I was recently interviewed by Dave Trevena.  For many years Dave was a marketing specialist but now runs a Stop Smoking and Weight Loss business, with his wife Elaine, which they successfully franchise throughout the UK.  Dave had learnt of my work and wanted his franchisees to gain an insight into the many low cost and free marketing methods I use. 

Already a savvy marketer Dave has used an Autoresponder to develop a list of existing clients and prospects and just before Christmas launched a support programme for them. Appropriately named NewYearSecrets he supports his list with marketing advice to help them make the best of their franchised businesses.

Although I am often interviewed on radio it is quite rare for me to spend an hour recording an interview which is then sent to selected people worldwide and I wanted you to have the opportunity to listen to what we discussed.

To listen to the "Freedom Interview" either download it by clicking on the download button OR Right click the download button and then click on "Save Target as" and save the audio to your PC. This recording is packed with information and is about an hour long so please allow one or two minutes (subject to your connection speed) to download it. It will be worth it! For ease of listening why not save it to a MP3 player or onto a CD for playing in your car?

Download   The Freedom Interview File size: 7MB


In the recording I reveal details of over 40 free and low cost marketing channels that I use every day.  These are really powerful ways to find profitable new customers.  They are marketing channels that you can use today and are easy to use.

Included in the interview are details of how to get on radio and TV or in the press without it costing you a penny.  In recent weeks I have been published in many national and international publications and I explain how I did it.  I also reveal how I use various forms of e-marketing to lever incredible response for just a few pence.  To hear more download the recording now.

Further details of the 40 or more marketing channels I am currently using can be found by clicking here.

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