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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

KPMG Recruit Stefan Drew to World Class Skills Programme

The programme consists of an in depth diagnostic of the providers current provision for employers from which a development plan is produced. This normally takes between 5-7 days and is further supported by additional consultancy designed to assist the provider in becoming more responsive to employers’ needs. A total of approximately 17 days of fully funded consultancy is available to any English LSC funded provider.

Stefan Drew commented, “During the current economic downturn it is more important than ever that high quality training is available to employers. However providers need to provide more than high quality courses. They need to consider all the other facets of their provision – from the suitability of their reception and telephone services to their communications systems, flexibility of delivery and after sales service.”

He continued, ” I was delighted when approached to assist KPMG on this project. Training is one of the first things to suffer when times get hard and yet it is vital to the recovery of individual businesses and the economy as a whole. Businesses need to train their staff at every level, if they are to compete both locally and internationally, and need to consider every thing from Basic Skills such as numeracy and literacy to advanced level training. some of this is of course available with local colleges and training providers as part of their normal programme and is delivered as part of their normal term time activity. However employers frequently need courses run at times more suited to their operational needs. If that means delivered at 6am on a Sunday morning as staff come off shift then that is what they should endeavour to deliver. They also need to think in terms of short, bite sized, courses that solve an employers problems as they are identified. It is no longer sufficient to offer a 10 week course next September if the problem is identified in January and can be solved with a 3 hour course in the next 4-5 days. Employers need this type of flexibility and an increasing number of providers do an excellent job already; what we now need to do is ensure all providers can provide the flexibility that employers need.”



Notes to Editors


Stefan has directed marketing for a number of large colleges before opening Stefan Drew Associates in 2005. He has also held the post of Head of Press, Publicity and Marketing at the Contributions Agency . Despite spending little money on marketing his business has grown rapidly year on year; a fact Stefan puts down to implementing his own advice.

Having advised businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, in Africa, Asia and Australia Stefan’s work has been published in over 50 countries and he has subscribers to his regular Marketing Newsletter on every continent except Antarctica!

Stefan’s clients range from sole traders and SMEs to corporates and include household names in the public and private sector. His main interest however lies within education and he has worked with schools, colleges, private training providers, universities, Sector Skills Councils and others within the education sector.

Stefan recommends businesses use the hundreds of free and low cost marketing methods available to businesses of all sizes; these include free advertising, Google Maps, search engines, free directories, subscription newsletters and SEO etc.

Stefan Drew is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants

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