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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

Marketing Magician Delivers E-Marketing Seminar for Oxford College of Marketing

To mark Oxford College of Marketing's 10th anniversary and the launch of the College offering Chartered Institute of Marketing courses in Milton Keynes Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew was invited to speak on E-marketing. Explaining that E-marketing enabled small businesses to compete against multinationals and large businesses to cut their marketing spend Drew explained that E-marketing worked best when integrated with traditional marketing.

Challenging the audience with why they needed a website and to tell him the names of anyone that had visited their website Drew went on to demonstrate how to encourage website visitors to leave their names when visiting websites.

Stefan Drew commented, "E-marketing is about far more than owning a website. I also explained how it was possible to circulate media releases worldwide to specialist websites in a few minutes; in fact the evening's seminar had appeared on an Italian website that specialise in IT shortly after being circulated. We also touched on how to optimise webpages with an example of two of my own pages that have reached the much coveted number one spot on Google".

He continued, "Most websites don't work at all well and businesses are wasting £/$millions on them. Sometimes it is more profitable to piggyback someone else's site in the early stages. This might be a directory, social/networking website or similar. E-marketing isn't that difficult but a lot of people are phased by it and many web designers lack the necessary marketing knowledge to make the best of E-marketing."


Further details from Stefan Drew on 07904 897 929

Notes to Editors



Stefan Drew has spent over 20 years gaining experience of traditional marketing but has specialised in e-marketing in recent years.

Previously Head of Press, Publicity and Marketing for a government department and Marketing Director for a number of UK colleges he believes it is vital that UK businesses integrate the best of traditional and E-marketing.

Much of Stefan's focus is on the hundreds of free and really low cost marketing strategies and tactics that allow small business to compete with the multinationals.

Referred to as the Marketing Magician by his clients he trademarked the name in 2007 and is known internationally for his marketing insights and strategies.

Stefan has worked with businesses across the UK, as well as in Europe, Canada, the US and Far East.


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