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Stefan Drew - The Marketing MagiciaNeed a point of view for a radio, magazine or website interview?

I’m regularly interviewed by the media and can often be available at relatively short notice. 

 Please contact me via 07904 897929 or email me .. 


Massive Media Coverage in 73 countries from Sydney and Colombo to Harare and Jakarta PLUS BBC World Service
Coverage in 73 Countries … Click to Enlarge

Radio, TV and Print Media Interviews


Someone recently asked me how many times I’d been interviewed by the BBC and I have to confess to not having counted, but there are now well over 100 on local stations, quite a number on national stations and several interviews on BBC World Service.

I’ve also been a guest on programmes with stations based in North America and Europe and have been on TV in at least 22 countries .. maybe even more.

Here is a list and links to some of the ones I recall as being memorable .. there are dozens more and not enough time or space to list them! 

Click the links to read the articles ……


Paid Ads versus Social Media Ads on BBC WM Feb 27th 2019

Gillette’s Controversial #MeToo ad on bullying, sexual harassment etc on BBC Radio Scotland with Kaye Adams January 2019

Gender Stereotyping in Advertising: New ASA Rulings … BBC Radio Scotland January 2018

ASA decision on lingerie company, Silks, on the Kaye Adams Show with Calum Macdonald on Radio Scotland June 12th 2018

Breakthrough Brands interview on Dublin South FM with Joe Dalton

Why Customers Are Boycotting Some Brands – BBC Radio Scotland with Kaye Adams, Dec 2012

Consulting Success Interview and podcast with Michael Zipursky The Magic of Specialising 

Gender Stereotyping in Advertising December 2017

Specsavers Trademark Application of “Should’ve” LBC radio August 2016

JK Rowling’s Millions March 2016 The Sun

SEO – a 16 minute TV interview on SEO that went out to 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa  

About Politicians & Image – BBC WM

Core values ensure Apple stays top of brand list  Sept 2014 The Scotsman

Ryanair’s Branding: Colour Changes to the Logo and More Sept 2015 – The Independent 

The Fall of the Berlin Wall .. live from Berlin in Nov 1989  BBC

Could Worcester Market Itself More Effectively  Dec 2013

The BBC Olympic Ad Campaign   July 2012 (this topic repeated on several programmes)

RFID Interactive Marketing in Oxford Street Feb 2012 BBC Radio Berkshire, Five Live and Three Counties Radio

The OXO Question Nov 2009 (from a Portuguese Palace!)

Jessops Closure 2013

Woolworths Closure …. several BBC radio stations in 2009

Does Advertising Really Work … this question in various guises has been asked of me on air on over a dozen radio stations .. and my answer has always been YES

The OXO question 2010

The Commercialisation of St Patrick’s Day – this interview went out on five BBC stations in one evening March 2014

Barings Bank ….. and other Bank Scandals 1995 and 2007 


Website Interviews

My comments have been published on hundreds of sites worldwide.  Major companies such as MyHermes and Experian, are some of the sites that have interviewed me and have published my views and thoughts.


Photos from My Garden and Conservatory


I write columns for a number of websites and magazines. These include a monthly Exclusive Article on FENews, and occasional articles in the Algarve Daily News.  

I have also had several regular columns in a variety of Archant publications including Warwickshire Life, Worcestershire Life plus one-off articles in several other county magazines. 

Photos From My Garden
All My Own Photography
Managing the Readers’ Letters Page
Quintessentially English
Artisan Skills at Their Best




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