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How to Get Client Referrals For Any Business .. Including Restaurants.

How to get refrralsA few months ago I wrote about a guy I mastermind with that has a Client Referral System that Works Like Magic. 

His name is Steve Gordon and he was a contributor to volume one of Creating Business Growth.  In it he describes how to get referrals, even for those hard to refer businesses. It is a simple system that can be used again and again.  

In essence what this referral system does is to make it easy to refer someone without the yuk factor. You know the “yuk” factor.  It is when someone says can I refer you to my undertaker or insurance guy.  At this stage you will go “yuk”.  No one wants to be referred to these guys as they will want to sell us a prepaid funeral or a life policy.  It is this certainty of them wanting to sell that we want to avoid (unless we recognise a desperate need for life cover right that moment). So to get referred we need to create a situation where people will not be sold to; a situation where they are given something of value to them.

Of course we want something back; we want their contact details. Here I must caution that this isn’t so that we can try to sell to them every five minutes. 

We use their details to keep giving them something of value. 


Email Is No Better Than Social Media BUT Articles Deliver

With so much rubbish being sent via email I have come

There is so much Spam Email

 to regard email as the equivalent of the worse of social media.

There are, of course, a few gems among a pile of rubbish I don’t need to read. And fortunately most good email systems filter out spam. But that isn’t what I mean.


My problem is the rubbish that is sent from the non spam sources. For example you ask for a white paper, you receive it and it’s great. So why does the sender then think it OK to send low quality “salesey” rubbish every single day after that?

Good quality emails are a joy to receive but when I request a white paper, make an enquiry of a business or just visit a website I do not grant anyone permission to then plague me with fourth rate emails.