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The following links are the most popular pages on this site. Many get Page One Ranking on Google SERPS and are responsible for a very large percentage of my traffic. The first two alone bring in over 12,000 a year. 


Gender Stereotyping in Advertising, The ASA and My Response on BBC Radio Scotland

Gender Stereotyping in AdvertsGender Stereotyping In Advertising is Being Banned as from June 2019 and the ASA Have Published Their Research & Guidance


Gender Stereotyping in Advertising is Wrong for Several Reasons.  It’s likely to offend potential and existing customers and so doesn’t make good business sense. Plus, as from June 2019,the Advertising Standards Authority could ban any adverts than break their guidance on this.

The new guidance on this was in the news this morning when it hit the media. I had an early morning call to ask me to appear on the Stephen Jardine Show on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss it. On the other side of the table was Shabnum Mustapha, ASA’s Media and Public Affairs Manager.


Marketing: Getting the Basics Right

Getting the Low Cost Marketing Basics Right is Essential if You Are to Market EffectivelyGetting the Low Cost Marketing Basics Right is Essential if You Are to Market Effectively.

So Many Businesses Focus on Complex Marketing and Sales Strategies and Fail To Utilise The Basics That Cost Nothing But Time to Implement.


For example why would you spend large sums and time on your website and SEO before you’ve got to the top of Google Search? Look at the image at the top of this post. For the term Marketing Consultant I’ve dominated the search results on Page One of Google. The page starts with paid for ads (why pay when you can succeed without?), then Google supplies a map with the marketing consultants they recommend at the top.

In my view any marketing consultant worth their salt should be on this list and have plenty of Google Stars so they stand out. In the image above, as you can see, I’m the only one with Google Stars. That’s part of the reason I dominate search.

Any business can do what I’ve done. They can get better results than the marketing consultants that fail to utilise this simple tactic.  Of course you could pay them a fortune to advise you but they are hardly likely to advise using a very effective marketing tactic when they fail to use it themselves.


Einstein’s Thought Experiment on the HEPI Proposed Graduate Employment Levy

Einstein and a Thought Experiment on Graduate Employment Levy Einstein was a Great Thinker. Most of His Work Was Achieved Via Thought Experiments


When Albert Einstein came up with the ideas for General and Special Relativity plus Space Time he did it sat at his desk. He wasn’t working in a lab with retorts and chemicals. He just sat at his desk and used a thought experiment.

For example when he was working on time and how things could happen simultaneously he thought about a man stood on a railway station. He saw two bolts of lightning simultaneously strike the station platform on each side of the man. Then hr considered a woman passing the man on a rapidly moving train and thought about what the woman would see.  In his mind he could see that if the woman passed him at the same time as the lightning bolts stuck she would be moving towards one bolt and away from the other. He realised that for her they would appear to strike a few moments apart. From this he deduced that speed affects what we see. What fro him was simultaneous wasn’t for the woman.


Using Thought Experiments in Business


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