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PR Ideas: How to Get An Idea in Front of Large Audiences


Ideas are two a penny so how do you get your idea in front of a large audience that will read it, think about it and perhaps adopt it?

One way is to get articles in newspapers or magazines; or, sometimes an even better option is to be published on their websites. For example this morning I had an article published by the TES. The TES, Times Education Supplement, is an authorative publication read by many education leaders and those involved in related sectors. That means that many thousands of people will potentially see any article they publish.

In addition they have an online presence, and are on Twitter every day,  where they have many followers from this sector.


15 Reasons Why Restaurants Are Successful

Why are some restaurants successful?
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Why Do Some Restaurants Succeed But Many Fail?

What are the Reasons Restaurants Are Successful or Fail Dismally?

Once upon a time there were three restaurants. You can see them in this photo.

Two of the restaurants weren’t very busy, but the third thrived.  They were all in a row in the same street so why did one thrive and the other two struggle?

Click on the image and you’ll see how busy the middle restaurant is, every table is occupied. But only one table is occupied in the first restaurant … And one table in the third restaurant. Why do some restaurants succeed while others fail?