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Micro Brewery & Micro Pubs Marketing

British people have always enjoyed good beer, brewed by craftsman brewers and kept by dedicated publicans.  In a age where many pubs are closing there is actually a resurgence of interest in good traditional beer.  Especially good beer made locally, in micro breweries, from carefully sourced barley or wheat malts and hops that can display local provenance that can be savoured on their own or matched with food.


To enable more people to enjoy these superb beers, producers and retailers of good beer also need to effectively market their beer to discerning beer drinking customers.   

Apr 09, 2012

Free Business Marketing Event for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in West Midlands

For more details of the Marketing Magician Free Business Marketing Event for Small and Medium Sized Businesses we are running in the West Midlands click on the above link.  It is suitable for all types of business including microbreweries and pubs.


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Jan 17, 2012

Marketing Beer: Using Advertising to Market Your Beer, Discover the Secrets

Advertising Secrets: Advertising Beer is easier when you understand these basic advertising secrets.


The first response most businesses make when I mention marketing centres on advertising.  Advertising is an excellent way to market beer .. the only problem is that most advertising doesn't work!


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Jan 16, 2012

New Take Out Beer Carrier

Off Sales of Beer are set to grow with this new Take Out Beer Carrier


We've just completed field trials of a revolutionary new beer carrier that is not only much greener than many of its rivals but also keeps beer in perfect condition.  The product also benefits from being extremely light, takes up much less storage space than conventional products and is also easy to dispose of.


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Dec 13, 2011

MicroBrewery Marketing: Getting Your Beer in Front of Publicans

Marketing Your Beer to Publicans


Roger Protz It is one thing to produce a superb beer and quite another to get a publican to stock it ...even as a guest beer.  So how do you get publicans to stock your beer?


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Nov 08, 2011

Beer Marketing: Great graphics and a little intrigue sells beer


This great graphic outside a pub in Stratford Upon Avon was enough to remind me i needed a beer. Great graphics and a bit of information about barrels, brewing or ingredients can stop people in their tracks ... and get them drinking

Sep 09, 2011

Grab the Top Three Spots on Google Search

Getting on Page One of Google is reported as notoriously difficult.  I disagree.


Yesterday an attendee at our marketing workshop Googled MicroBrewery Marketing and discovered this website had the Top Three Places on Page One of Google.


If we can do it then so can you.  Contact me on 01926 6327894 to find out how.

Sep 07, 2011

MicroBrewery Marketing: Building your Beer Brand

Beer festivals and similar events can be used to build your beer brand.  Here are a few ideas how


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Sep 06, 2011

Microbrewery Marketing: Brands Sell Beer

There is no doubt that a good brand will sell beer. But what is a good brand?

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Aug 08, 2011

Microbrewery Marketing: Simple Website Design Errors

Website Design Problems and Errors


Website grab For those people who have requested links to the Simple Website Design Errors I published on one of my other sites here they are ... 


Follow the link to Simple Website Design Errors

Jul 25, 2011

MicroBrewery Marketing: Beer Glass Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Beer Glass marketing Every time someone drinks your ale is an opportunity for you to market your brewery business and ales. 





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