Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician


Stefan Drew - The Marketing MagiciaThe BBC regularly introduce me as The Marketing Magician.  A BBC researcher told me it was because they see me producing really effective marketing ideas “out of thin air”.


Clients say they work with me because they get a “clear ROI” (Return on Investment) from my work with them.
We have focused our business on giving great customer satisfaction and have attracted customers, literally from around the world, through the use of low cost, often nil cost, marketing ideas that really do work for them.


If you had to categorise us you could say I’m a Marketing Consultant based in Dunkeswell, near Honiton in Devon.  But there is more to it than that. Although most of our clients are UK based we also work worldwide with clients in the US, Australia and Portugal.  We focus on helping our clients achieve their marketing and business objectives with a range of low cost  but very effective marketing strategies that really work.


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