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Advanced Thinking about Marketing, Thinking and Inspirational Places in 2019

How To Use Advanced Thinking To Clear Your Mind And Become More Creative Today


A lot of my clients tell me that they really struggle to find time for marketing. They see it as very time consuming and impossible to achieve. The outcome is they tend to do something quick or easy, such as a quick advert so they can then convince themselves that they have “done some marketing”. This isn’t productive or an effective use of their time …. But I do understand where they are coming from .. and I have a solution.


You see I also struggle to find time to do all the marketing I ought to do. For years I’ve known I ought to invest some time in making videos. Videos are a really powerful way to market any business. The problem I’ve had is that I thought they were time consuming to produce … until I used some advanced thinking, taught myself how to use some video making software and produced my first video … on the topic of Advanced Thinking Strategies.


The amazing thing is it only took me a few hours from deciding to do it to producing the finished video. It all came about because I am working on a project to help a corporate client with their thinking and self-belief. I wanted to demonstrate to them that when you have to solve problems it sometimes helps if you leave the office and find an inspirational place in which to relax …. and how often this solves the problem. I also wanted to demonstrate that our believing something is possible often makes it possible.


So I found an inspirational place, saw a way to make videos very quickly and, now having self-belief, made my first video. Decide for yourself whether video is a good marketing channel, quick to produce and whether these advanced thinking techniques would help you achieve your marketing objectives by watching the Advanced Thinking in Inspirational Places video. In a later post I’ll tell you what software I used to make my video (it is a free programme).

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The Power of Three in Selling

Giving Buyers Options Can Significantly Increase Sales, Ideally We Need To Use The Power of Three


Why Use The Power of Three in Selling?

Simple. The number one is dangerous in marketing. Give people one option and they say yes or no. Too often you will get a No answer, especially if someone else is cheaper.

But the number three makes for marketing magic and certain sales. It is a form of Advanced Thinking and a very powerful negotiation tactic. 


An Example of How The Power of Three Works

I often get asked to speak at conferences and in-house training days. Last week someone asked me to quote to speak at an event. They also asked others to speak and I guess we are all acceptable to them or they wouldn’t have asked us. So the only deciding factor left from the buyers perspective is price. All other things being equal the cheapest person gets the work. 

So how can you become more certain to get the work? My tactic is to stop the buyer making a straight comparison based on price alone.

In my case I gave them a quote for exactly what they wanted, but then provided two other options.

The second option was the same as option one but included an add on. In this case it was to also run a QA session online. We could do this on the clients website, on Facebook .. anywhere they choose. 

The third option was to offer the basic speaking session as requested plus a webinar. This could be live or recorded. 

Each was priced separately and clearly the options cost more. In some cases the options will cost multiples of the basic option.


How Specifically Does The Power of Three Work? 

I do the above quite often, here’s why.

We know one option doesn’t differentiate us and we then compete on price.

Give three options and, even if the buyer sticks with option one, you are seen as being more responsive and more authoritative. 

But it goes further. Few people want to buy the “cheap” option that everyone offers. They don’t want to look cheap. They are most likely to go for the middle option. 

Option three is less likely to be bought, although last week the buyer went straight to it and didn’t discuss the other options with me. 

The thing is with three options you are really offering the equivalent of three different packages where only one was requested. It gives the buyer three chances to say yes, not one. Often they then buy one of the higher price and value packages, that they hadn’t previously considered. And, as in my recent case, they sometimes buy the luxury package they would not have otherwise considered at all. 

The Power of Three works like magic in the majority of cases. It increases both the chance of a sale and the level of sale price.

Try it. You could be surprised how your profits rise. 


PS Offering more than three options just confuses buyers. Avoid it in most cases.

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How to Get Client Referrals For Any Business .. Including Restaurants.

How to get refrralsA few months ago I wrote about a guy I mastermind with that has a Client Referral System that Works Like Magic. 

His name is Steve Gordon and he was a contributor to volume one of Creating Business Growth.  In it he describes how to get referrals, even for those hard to refer businesses. It is a simple system that can be used again and again.  

In essence what this referral system does is to make it easy to refer someone without the yuk factor. You know the “yuk” factor.  It is when someone says can I refer you to my undertaker or insurance guy.  At this stage you will go “yuk”.  No one wants to be referred to these guys as they will want to sell us a prepaid funeral or a life policy.  It is this certainty of them wanting to sell that we want to avoid (unless we recognise a desperate need for life cover right that moment). So to get referred we need to create a situation where people will not be sold to; a situation where they are given something of value to them.

Of course we want something back; we want their contact details. Here I must caution that this isn’t so that we can try to sell to them every five minutes. 

We use their details to keep giving them something of value. 


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