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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

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Stefan Drew, The Marketing MagicianHi, This is Stefan and here is your first Marketing Secret: 

Do you know that there are literally hundreds of marketing methods you could be using that cost absolutely nothing at all?

I believe you and your business deserve the best free marketing advice available.  If you agree, then learn more on this website.


Marketing Advice From a Michelin Starred Kitchen?

Chefs Can Teach Us Many Marketing Skills .. So Here’s A  Tip to Get Your Marketing to Michelin Level

Yesterday I spent a day with a chef. His background includes Two Star Michelin Kitchens, so he knows a thing or two about cooking at the highest levels.

Rather than dive straight into the cooking we spent the first hour looking at ingredients. Where to buy, which to buy, how to assess quality and more. Then we spent most of the rest of the day preparing ingredients so that the final session, the cooking phase, was just a matter of quickly assembling the dishes.

For example one recipe called for over 50 ingredients from simple things like toasted coconut and peanuts to more complex sauces such as Rempah and Sambal Oeleke. The dishes ranged from a Prawn and Noodle Salad to Chicken Rendang and “Burnt Fish” (Hake cooked in banana leaves until they char and smoke the fish).

It sounds complex. And the truth is that it  is.

So how can a chef cope with service in a busy restaurant when orders for maybe a dozen dishes, from maybe 50 tables, come flying in thick and fast.?

Well, the answer is the clue to extremely effective  marketing.


How To Target Hard to Reach HNW People and Groups

How to market to HNW peopleGroups & People such as HNW (High Net Worth) Individuals and Very Niche Audience Profiles Can Be Hard to Reach by Normal Targeting and Profiling Methods. But There Are Simple Ways to Reach Them as Explained Below. 

No Man Is An Island wrote John Donne. And its true. Whatever audience profile you are seeking someone has already done the hard work and produced a list of them. Of course these days it isn’t possible, due to GDPR, to buy a list in Europe. But there are ways in which you can legitimately tap into the lists that others own. It just needs a little Advanced Thinking.


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