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October 09, 2014

The Best Marketing Advice Ever?

Best marketing book everImagine what you'd get if 21 really good marketing brains were to advise you.

What if several of them were best selling authors who market themselves and clients everyday?  What if they included a TED speaker?

What if all these people worked together on a regular basis and decided to pool their knowledge? 

You'd probably get some of the best marketing advice ever put together in one place. 

It seems like a dream doesn't it?

It's NOT a Dream.


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October 06, 2014

How To Get Very Low Cost Advertising For Any Business

FB beauty 5When I wrote my best seller, Advertising Secrets, I said you should stop advertising if you don't get results and that you should test and measure every advert to ensure they worked and were cost effective.


Well I've been using a form of advertising that does deliver great results and is very very effective.  The ROI is huge as the image on this page indicates (click it for more detail).  In just 5 days we've had over 1200 people view this ad at an average cost of 5 pence.  When I tell you that the "product" brings in over £3000/year per sale you can see that even a very modest conversion rate is going to pay dividends.  

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October 05, 2014

Simple Negotiation Tips: Agreeing the Price!

Negotiation techniques and tips _wht_12868Everyone wants a bargain. So negotiating a price is something we could all get involved in sooner or later.

 How do you get to the best price for a product or service? 

Well it depends on whether you are buying or selling of course.  One bit of advice I've often heard is that a seller should allow the buyer to suggest a price.  I often see this happening when I'm buying and the seller asks, "What's your budget?"

To me this is a dangerous question to answer.  Let's say I walk into a garage and start looking for a car.  One of the sales team will undoubtedly ask me what my budget is and then steer me towards cars in that price range or a little above. 

If I'm after someone to design a garden for me and get asked the same question it is even more complex as the price to design a garden is totally different to the cost of then building the design. So which figure do I quote?

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September 28, 2014

Listen to TED Speaker, Dr Srikumar Rao, in a Small Seminar in London

Senior staff at Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Chubb, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Deutsche Bank, Accenture. Tata & Yahoo pay big money to get advice from Dr Srikumar Rao.

Not only is Srikumar a noted academic and TED presenter; he is someone who also advises me from time to time. I've known Srikumar for a quite a while for a simple reason. We mastermind together. That means we get together once a month and exchange ideas. Srikumar used to teach on MBA programs at Columbia. You can also find his TED talks on YouTube (see below) and he runs a Personal Mastery course that gets rave reviews. This course normally costs $1000s and is normally only run for private clients.


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September 22, 2014

Is Apple Really Cool? Here's What I Told The Scotsman.

  Bright_idea_text_10810Is Apple Cooler Than Stella McCartney?

Stephen McGinty, Features Writer on The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday phoned me recentlyy.  He wanted to know if I thought Apple was a cool brand and he has noe published my thoughts in the Scotsman .
You see CoolBrands had just announced their 2014-15 CoolBrands Top 20 and Apple came out number one.
Well, I have to confess I don't think Apple should be number one.  Sure, they area good brand .. but number one?  Not for me.   I think YouTube are a much better brand, far cooler in my book.  My thoughts about Apple don't put me in the minority as the BBC News points out.  
And it isn't just people in the UK that are having problems with Apple.  A Reuters/IPSOS report on a poll carried out in the US claims Apple is losing it's cool
Why? Well Apple were a groundbreaking brand that brought great innovation into the market place but I think they have lost their edge as evidenced by the latest Ios upgrade problems.  And in recent years I'm not convinced that they are innovating to the same degree as previously.  Whereas YouTube go from strength to strength.

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September 20, 2014

PPC Ads: When is the Right Time to Stop Your Advertising?

PPC FB ads Decreasing ResponseI love PPC ads because they are so low cost, responsive and provide me with incredible ROI.  This applies to Google Ads, Bing and Facebook Ads. 


Not only that, they are also very controllable meaning that I can tun them on and off at the click of a mouse button and so control my volume and cost of advertising very precisely. 


Controlling PPC Advertising Costs

There is one mistake many people make with PPC advertising.  They don't check their results frequently.  I hate wasting time on unnecessary marketing effort but a few moments each day checking things like PPC ads can save you a fortune and really boost your ROI.   

Let me show you what I mean.  

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Jeanette Adams

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