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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

Have You The Time, Money or Skills to Market Your Business As Well As You Want?

Most of your competitors don’t understand marketing, or the marketing secrets I’m going to give you on this website.


StefanDrew - The Marketing MagicianHi, This is Stefan and here is your first Marketing Secret:  Do you know that there are literally hundreds of marketing methods you could be using that cost absolutely nothing at all?

I believe you and your business deserve the best free marketing advice available.  If you agree, then learn more on this website.


Do you also know that most marketing doesn’t work, why you should never advertise on a left hand page and how to test, measure and improve your marketing so that it gives you terrific results?  

Want to know how businesses like yours waste millions .. and how you can prevent this?


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How to Make Exhibitions Work For Businesses

PR: Crowds at ChelseaBusiness Exhibitions & Visitor Events Are Huge Business. But Exhibitors Often Don’t Understand How to Make Exhibitions Work For Businesses & Fail to Get Good Results & ROI on Their Exhibition Spend.


A few days ago I went to an Exhibition and saw both good and bad practice. With the cost of exhibiting, staff travel and subsistence and all the other extras being so high, it pays to be aware of good practice and some of the pitfalls.


What Do Successful Exhibitors Do Well?


Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather

A Big Log Fire Can Tempt Customers into Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Rooms, Pubs and Wine Bars When The Weather is Bad. Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather Can Be Challenging


One simple low cost technique is to make your place look warm and inviting.

Posting this and other “warming” news on social media also helps.


And if you can post positive messages on the pavement Soup Can Boost Cafe, Restaurant, Wine Bar and Pub Sales When the Weather is Badthis can help you with passing traffic.



For more on marketing restaurants, cafes. coffee shops, bars, pubs and tea rooms check out our book below.


How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlets .. The Book  


With over 36,000 words and many images, my book on marketing is now available. There’s a brief outline of the content below .. It’s been written so there’s something for virtually every situation.


You can get it on Amazon at


How To See Prototypes Without Building Them

Animated graphics or Motion graphics videos offer many promotional and advertising opportunities to businesses of all sizes Building a Prototype is Time Consuming and Very Expensive

Getting a prototype from the drawing board in to the real world can take years of expensive and time consuming work.

Image how long it took to take the submarine in these videos from the drawing board to sea trials in the snowy North Atlantic. Imagine the cost and hard work.

A submarine is a lot of expensive high spec engineering where there can be no compromise on quality.

And in the past manufacturers had to wait for them to roll off the slipways in shipbuilding yards, often miles from where they were designed, before they could produce videos of their subs both above and below the deepest oceans.


Almost Instant Prototyping

Now watch the submarine as it cruises at high speed on the surface through an inhospitable ocean.

What if I told you this was just days after the submarine design was completed?



How to Use Animated Business Cards

Animated Business Cards Animated Business Cards Are a Great Way to Promote Your Business Online. They Are Effective Ten Second Long Videos That Can Be Used on websites, in Emails, & on Social Media.


Over the next few weeks I’m going to be testing how to use animated business cards in a variety of situations.


Keep an eye out for update reports and suggestions of where they have worked well .. and where they haven’t.


How to Use Animated Business Cards – Lessons From Practical Applications


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